What Interior Design Teaches You on How to Have a Nice Home

Hellen Wadman

What Interior Design Teaches You on How to Have a Nice Home

Interior designing can be a very fun activity to do or watch your home get a make-over from an interior designer.

It can switch things up and make a dull-looking home look stylish, elegant, modern, cozy, and inviting.

In this article, we shall look at what Interior design teaches you how to have a nice home. I shall also cover some bit about how to become an interior designer.

Creative skills

What is creativity? It can simply mean the ability to use imagination to create new ideas.

Interior design will teach you the art of being imaginative and transforming the mental image into your home space.

You’ll be able to picture the designs of how you want your living space or rooms in your home to look like before you start working on it.


With interior design, you just don’t throw things in there hoping that something nice would come out of it. It will be a total waste of money considering you’ll be buying decor and trashing them out once they don’t look appealing enough.

You have to employ some level of thinking before coming up with what you deem as perfect decor for your home.

I would understand when some design doesn’t turn out as planned because it’s usually trial and error especially when you are not an expert in interior designing.

However, where you recklessly put stuff and together with the hope of getting something seamless, that’s just intolerable and not how it’s done.

How can you learn interior design?

1.   Do it yourself

This is the cheapest and simplest way to become an interior designer. I have seen a lot of famous interior designers who started by teaching themselves.

It is even easier now because you can gather inspiration online or access free basic interior design courses.

From getting the inspiration you can now simply come up with ideas. Put your ideas on paper or a design sheet then visit home decor stores such as Beddinginn and shop for what suits the style you’ve chosen.

This will involve a lot of trial and error but this should not worry you because after several attempts something beautiful will come out of it.

2.   Work with an interior designer

With this of course you’ll have to pay the interior designer so ensure you put your money to good use by learning from it.

In doing this, appreciate the shared decision making with your interior designer. You will have a lot of ideas to learn from and exchange with each other.

The designer will give you a professional point of view and you as a client, you’ll give your visualization, and together you will have a well-played out role.

There are many benefits of getting an interior designer to work on your home. First, they are professionals in what they do meaning they are knowledgeable in interior designing and it’s highly likely that you’ll get better results.

3.   Learn interior designing

When the motivating factor is not just to make your home beautiful but you also want to monetize the skills, then, enrolling in an interior design school or setting up a time to sit and learn by yourself, is the best option for you.

There are two ways in which you can learn interior design. First, you can become a self-taught interior designer.

This will need a lot of inspiration and motivation just like all learning aspects in life.

When I look back at my journey to minimalism, I had to keep myself inspired so that I couldn’t better myself.

This will also apply to you in this case. It is easy to find inspiration nowadays by using social media networks. There are bookmarking and content creation networks like Pinterest, Flipboard, e.t.c

With discussion forums i.e. Quora, you can pose questions to experienced designers for free. The media sharing networks i.e. Youtube gives free videos on the same.

Secondly, you can enroll in an online interior design course. The internet is flooded with schools offering different skills from experienced personnel, some for free and others not. It is a great way to learn and get a certification.

In the first part, I talk a lot about how you can learn interior design from social media networks. In this bit, I want to talk about how consumer review networks can help you in your journey towards becoming an interior designer.

Consumer review platforms like ReviewsBird will help you in choosing what interior design school is best for you. You can simply lookup free online course reviews and read about the experiences of other students and if the program they chose helps them.

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