Storage Tips To Save Space

Hellen Wadman

Oftentimes we find ourselves cramped up in small apartments or overwhelmed with big furniture and many items in our homes.

Small spaces can easily feel crowded and unbearable. Turning small spaces and nooks in your home into storage spaces can easily save you when trying to unclutter or create space in a new apartment.

Here are a few tips to save you the hustle of having an overcrowded home and save some space.

Ceiling Shelves.

Installing ceiling shelves along your room perimeter can save you a considerable deal of space. This is because the few inches beneath your ceiling are an untapped real estate that can add more square feet of storage area.

You can keep your book collections and items that you rarely use up there.

Ceiling shelves not only offers you more space but also provides an aesthetic value; it elevates the feel and looks of your home by bringing your walls into life.

Vertical Storage.

It is very easy to make a lot of clutter when storing things horizontally. This only makes things gather on the ground and eat up space that could be easily saved.

Make use of the wall’s height by placing things leaning horizontally on the wall as opposed to placing things vertically, which will resultantly eat up your ground space.

There are several ways you could take advantage of your vertical space, you could use hooks, vertically aligned storage compartments, or even pegboards.


Mounting is a good way to save up on extra space. It is particularly preferred to mount wall hangers for clothes, extra coats, and bags.

I prefer hanging clothes rather than folding them, simply because it is faster and leaves fewer creases.

Most of these mounts and hangers can be purchased at any local store and if you’d prefer shopping online, then you can find them at any fashion and decor store.

If you choose to go with the latter, I suggest that you read fashion store reviews before attempting to make any purchase.

Underbed storage.

Converting the space under your bed into a valuable storage area is genius, to say the least. This technique has gathered popularity and has become a trend especially in small rooms apartments.

Under-bed storage maximizes the amount of storage area in your rooms by a considerable amount without compromising the functioning of your mattress – a total win-win

So what are you waiting for! Go ahead and utilize the free space under your bed.

Door Storage.

Behind-the-door storage is another clever technique to utilize, to maximize the storage area that is present in your room as much as possible. This is best suitable for tight spaces that feel like they lack any additional spaces.

You can customize the back of your doors in an array of ways, from installing compartments on your pantry doors for spices and frequently used items to hanging or installing organizers at the back of your bedroom door to store items that would have resultantly cluttered your room haphazardly.

All in all, make sure to utilize the back of your doors into creative little storage areas and maximize the number of storage spaces in your rooms.

Collapsible Items.

Another grand tip to save up some substantial amount of space in your small rooms or in general is buying collapsible items. This ranges from furniture, utensils to even kitchen tools.

Owning useful tools that easily collapse can serve you a great deal of saving space, for instance; Instead of having several measuring cups that range in size and amount, picture a single measuring cup that can easily collapse from a cup to a teaspoon…

Well then, the next time you are shopping for furniture or any useful equipment, consider getting the ones that can easily be collapsed and easily be stored without taking up too much space.

Decorative Storage Bins.

Almost all interior designers will tell you the true aesthetic value of storage bins. It has been used to create beautifully decorated homes and at the same time organize the space area.

There are storage boxes, storage bags, woven baskets, trays, makeup boxes, storage racks, and many more.

The good thing is that most of these may be handcrafted by yourself (saving you money), or purchased at your local store or you may choose to buy them online available at fashion and decor stores.

If you choose to shop online, then you must make a stop at a review site to view some customer feedback on the company and the product you want.

At you will find some popular fashion brand reviews, for instance, you may choose to read one on Shein fashion reviews, a company that not only sells clothing but also different types of organizational equipment.

This will give you a rough idea of what to expect if you so choose to buy from the store.


With all those genius ideas that I have mentioned above, harmonizing it all together to bring out a clean clutter-free home will take more than just reading articles about it.

The best way to go about this is by getting inspiration and ideas online on how you can convert your residence into a storage efficient home while remaining aesthetic and attractive.

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