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  If you ask somebody what is one material thing they would want to own to spend their best life, they will likely share an intense and long due wish of owning a beautiful home that looks just like what’s shown in magazines. This desire of creating a home in […]


If you ask somebody what is one material thing they would want to own to spend their best life, they will likely share an intense and long due wish of owning a beautiful home that looks just like what’s shown in magazines. This desire of creating a home in a way that gives you a feeling of luxury display homes in Sydney is not impossible. You must be thinking how come I can convert my tedious looking apartment into a Pinterest dream house without exhausting my pocket. Here is how you do it. Read below 8 tried and tested tips to take into account when you want to make your home look expensive without much of an expense.

  1. Get Your Hands on Some Neutral Paints

To get a completely different feel of living space, start-up with a customized vibe by opting for perfect neutral colors for your walls. Choosing neutral colors will help you to create a sophisticated area that grows with you and make your space look more spacious. Take out the rollers from storage and transform your room with a basic DIY. You can also pick one wall to be hued a bit brighter or with play with your paint roller and make various patterns through your roller. Pastel colors can be a choice to make your room look subtle. If you’re the person with a love for bold colors and just can’t pick up neutrals, then you can go for bold shades with glossy coats because that can release an alluring vibe of something extravagant.

  1. Minimalism is the key

All of us love our old accessories and we never want to give them away, but if you want to make your home look classy and elevated, make sure you declutter it. Too much mess brings in a chaotic look. So lessen up your possessions and pick your favorites which can come together to create a style collection. It might sound difficult when it comes to what to keep and what to pare down, but you take baby steps. Start with your storage. Make it accessible for you instead of dumping things and then running, later on, to find what’s where. Part your stuff in containers and label them to store your supplies better. Similarly, you might aspire to get a lounge chair, coffee table, bar cart, dining table, and many more other furniture, but you don’t have to stuff everything in one place. Instead, go with the utility of whatever you are placing in. A thoughtful commonly known sentence LESS IS MORE, said by an architect and furniture designer Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe (1886-1969), is what you need to remember.

  1. Every Nook & Corner Needs Attention

Spend time in planning and styling each part of your home. When you’ve cut down your stuff and decided what to keep, start focusing on appealingly arranging them. You can pair up a nice pair of sofas that compliment the color of your walls with a beautiful art piece hanging and plant on the side. This way every furniture you are locating in will be an enriching contribution to your styling.

  1. Bring Nature into Your Place

To bring nature inside your home, you don’t need to blow out your wallet. It needs minimal time and money but makes your place look luxurious. It all depends on what material and color vase you choose to arrange your flowers. You can create multiple arrangements to be placed at different corners of your home. House plants like Chinese evergreen, moth orchid, ponytail palm, clivia, jade plant, and Christmas cactus could be good options because they are less priced and require low maintenance. This green addition in your home will make it more natural and fresh, giving your space a brightened feel.

  1. You Need Natural Light

Homes with high ceilings and natural light coming in makes it look expensive and spacious. You can do this to your home as well and convert it into a cozy space by adding long sheer curtains which are airy, touching the floor, filling your room with light and make it look expensive.  Alongside this, the sheer curtains can be hanged high and closest to the ceiling. Frame windows with curtains but don’t block the windows while doing any of this because you need more and more light to seep in your room.

  1. Art and Mirrors Are Must

Your choice of art piece tells a lot about your taste and influence the surrounding. You can easily find low-priced art pieces at discount stores and garage sales. You can stock these cheap artworks as much you can afford to buy at a time and changeover whenever you like. Other options like getting your postcard collection and instant films of your Polaroid framed, gives a personal touch to your place. Something historical you have got from your forefathers who holds importance to your family, you can sneak it in a notable site of your home or mounted in a carved frame with some gold bliss. Placing mirrors in the room is a trick to make your place appear larger. Floor-length mirrors or consoles with mirrors hanged on the wall are good options in this domain.

  1. Entrance Creates Impression

While focusing on your interior, you may give some look to your exterior as well because that’s the first impression of your home when somebody is walking in. So this should look no less than lavish. You can opt for a door with darker colors and plants on the side. This will make the entrance look attractive as viewed from the street. You might also want to spend a bit of your cash on passageway which will give an entirely new façade complimenting the outer look.

  1. Find A Spot For Area Rug

Dedicate a spot in your home for an area rug because that will modify the whole mien. They produce opulence along with comfort and coziness. They also add texture and color to the sight. They can be portrayed as floor designs, contributing to grouping furniture, defining spaces well. It is suggestive to have furniture in touch with at least a portion of the area rug.

The Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, all of these ideas can be of use to make your home look deluxe without you blowing out your money. But one thing that can make your home look the best with or without high priced stuff, is cleanliness. Make sure whatever décor you do, clean it timely and properly to keep the atmosphere of your home fresh and your purchases to last long.

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