How to maintain your shutters

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  We all love our windows covered with stylish shutters. Many websites, such as timber shutters Sydney and stores, offer a huge variety of window shutters. Ranging from Plantation to Aluminum, from roller to bamboo shutters, you can easily find many options in material and colors according to your taste. […]


We all love our windows covered with stylish shutters. Many websites, such as timber shutters Sydney and stores, offer a huge variety of window shutters. Ranging from Plantation to Aluminum, from roller to bamboo shutters, you can easily find many options in material and colors according to your taste. Shutters do not only cover up your windows beautifully, but they also keep the sunlight from reaching the house during scorching heat.

While all this holds for the shutters, dirty and unkept shutters can make your whole house look dull. You don’t want to be known as “neighbors with dusty shutter” so we are here to help.

Follow our tips and keep your shutters as shiny as new.

     1) Dust is the Worst Enemy

Dust if not taken care of can lessen the overall life of shutters drastically. Dust accumulated over the months will leave some irremovable stains which you will regret. It is important to regularly dust the blinds and make sure the shutters are clean.  You can use a soft towel or microfiber duster to wipe away the dust from the shutter.


     2) Use the right material for cleaning

It is very important to use the right type of cleaning material for your shutters. If you don’t want to spend a hefty amount on cleaning materials, a bar of mild soap or detergent will work too but avoid excessive use. Before using any product, it is better to do a test run on a small patch of shutters to check for any unwanted results. If you have metal shutters, you will find a range of cleaning liquids at the store. Do not use the same type of material for bamboo shutters which you use for metal shutters.


     3) Save the surface underneath

Do you want to clean the surface of the window after cleaning the shutters? No, right? Then, place some old cloth or newspaper on the window so that all the dust falls on the newspaper or cloth and you can throw it away in a bin. If a large amount of dust is built upon your shutters, it can stain the wall paint as well, so newspaper always comes in handy to avoid such mishaps.


     4) Grab the Right Tools

It is important to use the right tools to maintain your shutters. Choosing the right tool entirely depends upon the types of shutters you have. You can use a paintbrush, an old toothbrush, Microfiber cleaning Mitt, or a simple cloth and a ruler for shutters with less space. Dust away the shutters carefully with a paintbrush or microfiber mitt for areas where the brush can’t reach. If the shutters are very tightly spaced, then use a ruler covered with a sifting cleaning cloth to reach between the shutters and clean them thoroughly. If there are stains which do not go away with a paintbrush or cloth, use a soft toothbrush dipped in the cleaning liquid. Be gentle, do not rub vigorously because you don’t want to damage your shutters by being too harsh.


      5) Thorough Cleaning Is A Must Once A Month

You cannot have clean and shiny shutters without deep cleaning at least once a month. Start with removing the dust with the help of vacuum cleaner as it will remove the dust from corners as well where brushes cannot reach. After that, use a soft cloth with cleaning liquid to remove any dust and stains. Make sure to clean the edges as dust and debris tend to accumulate in the corners.

     6) Use bleach only if Necessary

We know you want clean shutters, but that does not mean you go overboard with cleaning. To make your shutters look new, do not use excessive bleaching agent. Use a very small amount of bleach diluted with water to clean the shutters. Please do not use the bleach directly in the middle of shutters, rather try on some hidden corner first and see the results. If the color does not fade away or the material is not damaged, only then use the bleach on the rest of your shutters. You can also use ammonia diluted in water to clean the shutters.


     7) Be careful with the Louvers

Broken shutters can make your whole house quite unappealing. To prevent the damage to your shutters, always be careful with the louvers, grab them from the middle and gently move them to open or close the shutters. Do not use excessive force on the louvers to adjust the shutters. If you see a tilt rod to operate the shutters, please leave the louvers alone and use the rod to open and close the shutters.

If the louvers are too tight, do not take out your anger on them rather be kind, grab a screwdriver and fix them. You can adjust the tension by adjusting the screw on the shutter panels for the smooth operation of shutters.


     8) Grease the bearing

We often heard a screeching sound when people open or closed their shutters, and it annoys us all! Do not be that type and grease the bearings regularly to avoid that sound. If the bearings are greased regularly, it will not only make the shutters move smoothly but also increases the life of your shutters.


     9) Avoid Sticky lubricants

Many people make the mistake of using sticky lubricants to clean the shutters, which attracts more dust than an anti-static spray, which create the right balance of friction and keep the blinds clean for a longer time.


    10) Polish the shutters

Stains are inevitable, but lucky us, and they are removable. You will find many good quality polishes in the market which will remove the difficult stains from your shutters like they were never there. Invest money in good quality polish if you want to keep your shutters as clean as new for years.


    11) Ask for Help

There are many professional cleaning services which “just a call away”. They have expertise in cleaning all kinds of shutters. They will have the right tools and materials to clean your shutters. Don’t shy away from calling them if your shutters need some serious cleaning. Reaching the top of shutters can be troublesome and poses some risks, so it’s always better to ask for help.



It might seem difficult to maintain your shutters, but with the help of these tips, you can make your shutters look clean all the time. All you need is time, right tools and techniques to make them shine. You will only have to replace the shutters is when the trend changes and not because your shutters look dirty.

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