House Improvement for Future Investment.

Hellen Wadman

You may have bought a house and you have no plans of living in it for a long time and you would rather put it up on sale or rent it.

This article is going to focus on how to increase the value of your home by changing or working on the conditions of the house. We’ll take a major look at the rooms and house so we can convert them to increase their value.

All these will not guarantee you a massive price jump for when it’s up for sale because other factors that will also dictate whether your property will sell profitably like the real estate market at the time it’s up.

We’ll concentrate on each room individually laying out tips on how we can improve it and add property value in the end.


Extra rooms.

The best way to utilize extra rooms or spaces is to convert them into a fully functional room. Take, for instance, a space can be converted into an extra bedroom.

This will increase the actual value of the property. The initial purchase price might be at $300,000 for a 2 bedroom house and now with that extra bedroom, you stand a chance of increasing the price by nearly 30% of the total property value.



The selling point of a house is the kitchen because much of the home value lies there. This is the room where most people spend most of their time and money.

There are various areas within a kitchen that you can invest in to raise the value of your home. This includes the Cabinets, the kitchen worktops, (upgrade to granite or marble) the appliances, sinks, and waste disposal.

When you have an outdated kitchen, ensure you do a kitchen remodel because most homeowners want the heart of their home to be a centerpiece and speak out of all the rooms in the house.


If you have plans of selling your house in the future when it’s fully furnished, then a great investment should be made in the bedrooms.

The bed and the bed frames should be of good quality material, whether it’s wooden (which is preferable) or it’s metal. The mattress and all other beddings should be of the best Fabrics there is.

When your house has several bedrooms, to save you on extra costs, you may consider purchasing these beddings on a wholesale basis, which will reduce the price compared to buying it individually.

It is very rare to find companies that sell on a wholesale price, most would trade on a single item price to increase their profit margin.

Therefore, a company like Wholesale Beddings is one worth trading with, compared to other companies you can invest in.



The greatest way to make your bathroom a good investment spot is by the installation of updated bathroom fixtures.

Bathroom floors matter in this regard, the first thing noticeable when you walk into a bathroom is the floor. Some houses have old and outdated tiles that are not attractive.

Another spot to pay attention to is the sink area. If it is possible to update the bathroom sink to a double vanity, then you should do it

Nobody wants a fixer-upper in the bathroom because it can be very costly and inconvenient for when you want to move in quickly.



The flooring installed should be renter-friendly.

One way of looking for renter-friendly materials for your home, (it doesn’t have to be on floors alone) is to ensure that the flooring you are trying to purchase is one which a lot of people like and prefer.

The consumer response in a review site is a great way to tell if the product is one liked and desired by a majority of people.

For example, a lot of people prefer wooden floors over tile or concrete floors because, with wooden floors, it is much warmer for the winter seasons. Such factors should be kept in mind.



Renovations are a very important aspect of property improvement. This step should not only be done whilst living in the property but also before putting up the property on sale. The final renovation will determine the actual value of your property.

If you put your house on sale before renovating it, then chances are, it might not sell, it might sell slower on a lower price or sit in the market for long.

Therefore, when listing your property for sale ensure that it meets the caliber of all other properties on the market at that time. One way of doing this is through quality renovations.

Spend more money on the materials so that It will stand up to the wear and tear of time.

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