Help! My garden’s too small!

Hellen Wadman

Having a nice garden is important, particularly in Finland. Which is why so many of us love to use websites such as BYGGmax to buy our garden supplies.

But what if you don’t have a big garden?

Don’t worry! You can still have a beautiful garden that goes well with your house.

Flower Beds

Even if you have a really small garden, a great way to make the most of it is by using flower beds. And the great thing about flower beds is that they allow you to get your DIY on! You can make them out of wood, concrete, recycled rubber!

And they’re a special place for you to grow your flowers. If you look on Instagram, you can see some people who have been very creative indeed with their flower beds.

One option might be to create a “staircase flowerbed” which can allow you to fit in even more flowers.


There’s an old saying, a place for everything and everything in its place. Knowing where things should go can help you to make the most out of small spaces. For example, you don’t want lots of big plants by the door, so put them at the back of the garden.

You don’t want your patio hidden in the corner, so put that one right by the door.

If you know where to put things, you can make the most out of the smallest of gardens. You want something that looks lovely but is easy to navigate.


If space on the ground is a bit limited, then you can always use the space in the air.

And no, I’m not talking about some kind of Star Trek gardening. I’m talking about using a basket. If you have a hanging basket, then you can have even more flowers in your garden.

When setting up a flower basket, you should put the flowers on some plastic to stop the water from escaping. And be sure to water them regularly.

Now, wherever you look, you’ll be able to stare at some beautiful flowers. What could be better?

Keep it clean

Would you rather have a large garden that’s covered in weeds or a small garden that looks like it’s from a French painting?

No matter how small your garden is, it can be made 100 times better by just keeping it clean and tidy. This will mean cleaning up any mould, getting rid of bird poop, pulling out the weeds, and making sure the flowers are getting plenty of water.

Yes, this will require you to put a bit more time into your garden. But if you do, then the results are going to be amazing! And you’ll love relaxing in your garden.

Where to buy what you might need

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