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Cookies and bread have become an essential part of the life of a person. Bread is the most used food item at lunch or dinner. So, the person needs to use some standard methods for making bread. The conventional techniques would include making the dough for the meal. Dough making […]

Cookies and bread have become an essential part of the life of a person. Bread is the most used food item at lunch or dinner. So, the person needs to use some standard methods for making bread. The conventional techniques would include making the dough for the meal. Dough making is a stubborn process, and the person needs precision to prepare it. If the dough preparation is not proper, then there are chances that the final product would not be up to the mark. So, the person needs to adopt a basic dough making process. For making dough, they can also use the older grandmother techniques or use the Ankarsrum stand mixer.

The Ankarsrum original mixture is the type of machine that the person can use to prepare the dough. The process is straightforward, and it requires very fewer efforts when it comes to making the dough. Moreover, it is an electric machine that uses electrical energy to form the dough. Also, the person does not have to worry about spoiling their hands while making the dough, and they can work efficiently. So, the below-listed process shows the procedure to make the dough with hands and with the machine.

Hand-Made Dough

The first step towards making a dough would include collecting different ingredients such as water, yeast, flour, and sugar. Moreover, the person needs to keep these things handy if they want to prepare the dough instantly without any problems.

  • The person needs to take a mixing bowl and add flour and sugar in it in the desired quantity. Moreover, in another bowl, they need to add water and yeast. The yeast would get active as soon as it comes in contact with water. So, they need to decide the mixture time for the best results.
  • Later, add the yeast and water mixture in the flour mixture and let mix the ingredients. The person can also add herbs and other things if they want to make flavored cookies or bread. However, proper mixing is essential because it would help in making the dough soft.
  • The activation of yeast and fermentation would take one to two hours. So, you need to give rest to the dough and wait for some time. You will observe that the quantity of dough would increase because of the fermentation effect.
  • The fermented dough needs proper kneading. The person kneads it in an old-fashioned way with the use of their hands. They need to use their fingers to squeeze the dough and palms to apply pressure. Moreover, the constant rotating motion would help in rolling the dough in place and forming a soft cake. A well-kneaded dough would help in baking a proper bread. Thus, the central role of kneading is in making the dough soft and fluffy.
  • After kneading, the person can set the dough in the oven at desired conditions for baking. The formation of bread would take place until the high temperature kills the activity of the yeast.

Thus, the formation of dough is a long process as it requires proper kneading. Moreover, many times, the person decides to buy ready-made bread because they do not have much time to knead. Thus, in such situations, they can use the Ankarsrum mixer to prepare the dough.

Advantages of Ankarsrum Stand Mixer

The main advantage of the mixer is the material of construction of equipment. The machine comprises of stainless steel as the base material of the bowl and plastic as the material of the body. Furthermore, other features would help in forming the perfect dough.

  • The main things that are required while making a dough would include roller, scraper, knife, and hook. These things would help in kneading the dough to perfection.
  • The other part would include the stainless steel bowl with lid for yeast. The person needs to add the yeast at the end because that would activate instantly when it comes in contact with water.
  • There are plastic mixing bowls and other whisks which would help in making the dough for cookies. Also, a beater would enhance the formation of the mixture, and the extra pot is of 3.5-liter capacity.
  • The first bowl has a capacity of 7 liters and can prepare a large quantity of dough at a time.
  • The initial process would include mixing the flour and other ingredients with the help of water. Later, you can open the yeast lid and add the yeast, which would activate the dough. After providing proper rest to the dough for fermentation, it would require kneading.
  • The kneading takes place through the rollers, which get to the depth of the dough and helping in turning it. Moreover, the bowl also rotates, which helps in enhancing the mixing process. The scrappers would assist in providing pressure to the dough that can be provided by the palms.
  • Furthermore, apart from turning the dough upside down, the scraper would also help in mixing the dough.
  • If you have an optimized dough kneading process, then you can set the timer to that time. Moreover, you can also alter the speed of rotation that can help in making the dough soft.
  • Thus, altering the speed and time can help in kneading the dough to perfection. The well-kneaded dough would assist in preparing the bread, which is soft, and the person can consume it very quickly.

The machine operated on electricity. So, you need to fix the chord and start the machine. There are upgraded versions of the Ankarsrum mixer that enables different programs. These programs have a set time, which helps in making the dough. Moreover, the person can also fix the time for starting the preparation of the dough. The initial timer would begin the mixing process and add yeast at the specified time. It would also enable giving enough rest to the dough, followed by kneading. The fixed kneading time would make the dough soft and elastic. The bread formed from such dough would be fluffy and would be very healthy to consume.

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