8 benefits of steel frame construction

Hellen Wadman

The world has indeed reached many milestones over the past few centuries. Be it technology, medicine, or engineering, it has developed in all aspects. One of the major areas of innovations has no doubt been construction. From better machinery to top quality material, everything has refined. So has frames! Instead […]

The world has indeed reached many milestones over the past few centuries. Be it technology, medicine, or engineering, it has developed in all aspects. One of the major areas of innovations has no doubt been construction. From better machinery to top quality material, everything has refined. So has frames! Instead of wood and concrete, steel is now preferred for structures by developers, architects, and engineers all across the globe. The steel frames have been a great discovery as steel has many advantages over all other materials. From large structures such as bridges and industrial sites to small housing such as and double story buildings and residential homes, steel frames have become a necessity. Be it conventional steel frame solutions, light gauge steel construction, or bolted steel structures, each has its own merits. They are all taking the building industry by storm. There is no one reason but many reasons behind this increasing use of steel. We have listed eight major ones below:

  1. Durability

Unlike wood, steel doesn’t rot. It is a highly durable material that features longevity like most metals. Not only can it endure substantial pressure but it is also shock resistant to a large extent. That is why steel structures can resist earthquakes and stand the ground, unlike the brittle concrete. Moreover, steel also lasts longer as it requires the least maintenance. Assuming that it has been applied with water resistance, and fire resistance coat, steel can have an infinite life. Water-resistant material will abstain rusting while fire-resistant layers will avert losing of integrity during fires. Thus it will neither split, crack, or get spoilt with age like timber or concrete. Nor will it be vulnerable to bugs and mites as it lacks porosity. So mold and fungus can’t eat it away. Moreover, with proper corrosion protection, there is no risk of moisture as well. There is no unwanted warp or expansion, thus the structure maintains both its strength and shape throughout the years! Apart from these obvious durability benefits, the components of steel help it to sustain more structural weight. This also leads to its lasting way more than any other material.

  1. Strength

Not only is steel valuable due to its durability. But it is also renowned for its usability. This is because it has good load carrying capacity and strength, unlike any other substance. That is why it is quickly replacing concrete and wood in the realm of structures. It has the same dimensions yet higher density than concrete or wood. This makes it ideal for supporting heavier loads. Even though it is heavy itself, it is required in fewer amounts but gives the same support which makes it feasible for construction. This is because a 5cm x 10cm steel bar will provide a lot more forte than a similar 5cm x 10cm wood or concrete bar. So practically speaking, the consequences of the reduction in material usage would lead to diminishing transportation as well as labor costs

  1. Safety

The tensile strength of steel frames not only enables them to endure load but also makes them safe. This ability makes it capable of facing numerous natural phenomena like hurricanes, snow loads, earthquakes, and other seismic activities. Thus steel frames provide more protection under such devastating phenomena. Damage is limited to such steel structures as they are very resistant to such problematic situations. Furthermore, steel frames also perform well in man-made emergencies including explosions, bombs, and collisions. Moreover if applied with fire resultant coating, it can reduce fire risk as well as it is non-combustible. So all in all in it is the safest option available!

  1. Quicker build-time

Steel frames are quick to create as well. They can be fabricated using Computer-assisted manufacturing which requires less time. These mechanical processes not only fasten the work pace but also create them in bulk. This means the demand for them can be met in a timely fashion. Time lags are minimized which reduces the overall construction time. Moreover, these standardized procedures also lead to specialization which improves quality as well. And they can be assembled anywhere as they can immediately be placed together. Unlike in-situ concrete, there is no waiting time for progress to cure before continuation as well. Thus all delays are marginalized and no time is wasted at all.

  1. Relatively lightweight structure.

As mentioned above steel has high density. Nevertheless, it provides more support as it is a tensile metal. That is why its structures require less material to be included which leads to an overall decline in weight. Thus the high strength to weight ratio makes steel structure a lot more lightweight than concrete and wood. As per some engineers steel frames weight 60% less than similar concrete ones.

  1. Economical

As steel frames can be fabricated off-site, they require less labor. This reduces labor costs as onsite employees are reduced by 10-20 %. Additionally, fewer workers lead to lower maintenance costs as well. The number of accidents is also lowered as it is safe. Moreover, as construction time is less, the resultant financing costs are also reduced. From creation to transportation and assembling, everything becomes more economical due to the faster pace of work and lightweight. Additionally, the durability of also leads to lower costs in terms of repairs and replacements. Insurance cost is also lowers compared to wood and concrete as cheaper insurance service is offered due to higher safety.

  1. Versatility

Another benefit of steel structures is that they are versatile. They can be fabricated in not only an array of shapes but also size. This doesn’t compromise on its strength. Thus these compatibility features allow the steel to be used innovatively in many designs. That is why many Architects prefer it to create their structures so it leads to both sound and aesthetically pleasing configurations. Additionally, this adaptable capability enables structural steel to be used in the creation of buildings of all sizes and types. Be it large-span arenas or high skyscrapers, to ship hangars or villas, anything can be built from steel. Moreover, steel frames are not only in versatile terms of usage but also in terms of construction. They can easily be created off-site by any professional fabricators. Later they can be easily transported and assembled on site. Their lightweight and compatible structure make them conducive for long-distance transportation as well.

  1. Sustainable

Last but not least, steel frames are also eco-friendly. They are sustainable in many ways. They are recyclable which means you can save more money by reusing them. It is a proven fact that 80 million tons of it are recycled annually which makes it one of the world’s most reused materials. As they can be modified easily and do not lose their strength when altered, they can be reused easily. That is why steel frames renovations, assembling, dissembling, and expansions have become very common. Moreover, frames also have the advantage of being safe for the environment in terms of minimum health hazards as well. This is because the creation of steel structures leads to no damage to both the environment and the laborer. It has the least CO2 emission as well.

The Bottom Line

So we hope that from now onwards you will also transit to the steel frame so that it can benefit all your building projects. Not only will it be more profitable and feasible for you but it will also be advantageous in the long term. The credibility and reliability of the steel structure can never be denied! That is why nowadays you will find Steel framing is every construction around you. Just look around and witness steel columns and structures supporting floors, cladding, roofs, finishing, and internal fixtures all about.

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