5 Space Saving and Cleaning Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Hellen Wadman

5 Space Saving and Cleaning Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Saving space and cleaning your home make your life easier every day. There are many tips to make your home clean and create enough space on ReviewsBird.com. Many online products can facilitate these too. Buying products online has been one of the most effective means to stock your house with cleaning and decorative agents. However, knowing the secrets to save space and clean your house is most effective in maintaining your house. The below are some of the means to clean your house:

1.  Clean Mirrors and Glass with Newspaper and Vinegar:

When you clean your mirrors and glass with clothes, there are potentials that it’ll leave smudges, lint, and streaks on them. However, the newspaper has a dense structure which is perfect for cleaning mirrors and glass. You can save money with this non-toxic cleaning method. You can also use vinegar as an alternative agent to enable a better environment.

2.  Use Denture Tablets to Clean your teapot or Coffee Mugs:

This is an effective cleaning product for hard areas in a teapot or coffee mug. This is because of the antibacterial properties that are available in the cleaning agent. You can use a toothbrush to remove the stains in the crevices where your hands can’t reach. You can easily do this by filling your teapot or coffee pot with water, adding one or two denture tabs and using it to rinse the mug. This tip can also be used for many other metal or ceramic items in your home.

3.  Wipe your Faucet and Shower Head with a Plastic Bag and Vinegar:

This tip will help in removing grime, limescale, and unwanted buildup available on your faucet and showerhead. This doesn’t require extreme energy from you. You can easily get a baking soda and fill a sandwich bag with vinegar to facilitate the cleaning process.

4.  Remove Steel and Faucet Stains with Lemon and Salt:

You must not let this process persist for long. Letting it persist for a long time could leave stains on the surfaces of the objects. Using lemons to remove residues will give it a fresh and lemony smell. This method involves splitting the lemons in half and sprinkling salt in the areas you want to scrub. Afterward, clean the object with the lemon halves and rinse it with water. This will leave it shiny and streak-free.

5.  Use Baking Soda to Clean Your Couch:

This cleaning tip is one of the most effective cleaning tips. It will help in removing lingering smells and unwanted odors while replacing them with sweet scents. You can do this by brushing the couch to remove any debris or dirt. Afterward, sprinkle baking soda on the spots you want to clean and let it settle for about 20 minutes. After letting it settle, vacuum up the baking soda to roundup the process. This method can be applied on curtains, pet beds, rugs, carpets, etc.

You can save space in your home by adding shelves above doorways, putting glass shelves across your windows, putting low bookcases on a sofa back, etc. Keeping your windows simple and running a low bookcase beneath your windows are also a great way to save space.

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